Durham Pride

The Official Photographs of Durham Pride'16

Durham Pride

Status: In process. The Official Photographs of Durham Pride 2016. Unique. Every photograph is curated and processed individually. What does this mean for the viewer? + This collection will take longer to be completed than companies that batch edit. + BUT the quality of the finished images will be best available and truly worthy of print. *Photographs are available for purchase in a variety of mediums. To request more information please feel free to send a message to the page. // Pride is meant to be a safe place where people can be themselves. I recognise that many attendees may not be completely open to everyone with regards to their sexuality, etc. As such if anyone has any problems being featured within any of the photographs in this collection, please feel free to make contact - I will happily remove the offending photo(s) or blur/conceal anyones identity - it is important to me that everyone is able to enjoy my photography without worry. Voluntary photography. Capturing the experience of Durham Pride 2016 for Durham Pride UK. All images © 2016 SMG//Photography

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